Saturday, November 10, 2007

I didn't ask you to stay.
But you stayed

I never asked you who you were
or what you wanted,
You were simply there

What do you want from me, love?
Was I not stronger alone?
And did I ever need you?

But stay a bit longer.
Not long,

Just until they stop asking
how I am,
And I stop saying, "Fine"

Everyone can tell at a glance
You are here

If you ever leave me
I always will go with you!

Thought for the day!

I often wonder what it takes for a person to be happy. What does it take to make me happy. What is it that I am looking for. What or who makes a difference in my life and why? The current state of confusion in life is not helping much either. It's a phase which has been clinging on to me for too long now. A state of lethargy and confusion. I do feel strongly about it though. Many a time a person is lost in the struggle of everyday life that he/she forgets to sit back and look at life fondly. Things are done mechanically. What is the purpose of visiting the lord's shrine while you have been pushing your fellow members of the queue, shoving them off, abusing them only to get to see the God before them?What good is it? Will you attain moksha this way? No. Pushing someone and going ahead in the queue may seem something trivial. My point here is about patience, tolerance for fellow beings. God never said that if you ask him to grant your wish before the other person in the line, your wish would be granted. Then what is this impatience for? Why not appreciate the journey to the Lord's shrine, think good? Destination will follow. You will see light at the end of the tunnel. You have your share of things already written in your fate. you don't have to run to get it. Life has its own pace. Our restlessness is not what it sees. It acts by its will. You have to wait.

The question of a square meal bothers most of the population of the world and disables them from appreciating life. But I would consider this much better than the person who is well off but is living only to earn money, more money and more and more money. He is lost so much in this materialistic possessions of life that he cannot even enjoy the meal that he has. (The same meal that the aam janta is struggling to earn, but savors it upon earning). The common man's luxury becomes the rich man's necessity. But is the rich man happy? I doubt. This is a question every person has to ask him/herself. What is this that the human kind is running for? What is it that I am running for? I think all it takes to me to be happy is a content family and a happy emotional state, yes good food ofcourse. I have learnt this after a lot of thinking and experiencing. Every time I thought a new pair of shoes will make me happy, I went and bought them. I acted on impulse many times. But that happiness was short lived. The same for clothes, bags or whatever. But the day I made my mom happy is thought about fondly. The day I did well in my studies is carved in my memory for ever. The day I made someone's day by helping them, listening to them or just being there for them is an immensely pleasure filled experience. I believe we are here for a purpose. We and our whole support system like family and friends fight hard to get somewhere. Why is it that upon getting there, we fail ourselves and our family and the society as a whole? Coz we are lost in the process. Its like a physics problem that has so much math in it that we are lost in the math and we forget the physical process that's going on there. The day we do what we are supposed to do, we will be happy. We are here to serve mankind as a whole in whatever way we can. One doesn't have to donate money for that or clean dumpsters or build roads etc. Its enough if we use our money wisely. It's sufficient if we don't throw trash on the road or in the neighbors yard. Just being good and thinking good will do. Just doing to others what we want others to do to us will do. Just putting ourselves in the other person's shoes and appreciating his or her role in this world will do!!!
In this world so full of hatred,

Love is the only reason,
for which we are willing to live

Love is the only reason,
for which we are willing to die

Love is the only reason,
for which we would be willing to kill

Therefore we swear to end our lives
once we no longer feel any love
A tiny piece of the whole shall die!

Dear Universe,

A tiny piece of the whole will die
Don't be upset

You will barely feel the loss
of one cell being extinguished

Time rolls on
What is such a little life?

A brief flicker in the world,
then merely ashes and dust!
How quiet and serene this poem sounds. I am dumb struck by the beauty that a very lovely and silent yet the happiest moment in life, can offer to the roving mind and the restless heart!!

Are you in love with anyone?
I don't know

Such things quickly pass
Never to return

Maybe it's true...
...that people are only truly happy once in their lives
Just once!

And then they are punished for it,
For the rest of their lives
The punishment is that they can never forget that one moment

I think it's best... say goodbye at the right time

Namely when you're the happiest,
Precisely then at the zenith!
Love in thoughts is a blog about my poetry and some musings. I love writing poetry and that too beautiful poems. I want to move a person's feelings. I want to touch to their deepest core, I love generating such thrill in a person's heart. It makes me feel happy.

Dear space,

When we don't exist anymore,
nobody shall miss us.
Not even one tear shall be shed for us

If anyone may want to remember us,
they shall do it with joy.

Because it's like this,
We did the only right thing!!

.....We lived!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Waiting to go home

I love this picture! There are people all around her and the place is crowded yet there is none beside her. She is waiting to be picked up for the orphanage! Love is such a vital part of life. So many people in life have so much of love all around them, from theirs parents, the relatives, brothers and sisters, friends yet they dont take a moment to appreciate it. They are careless, at times not understanding the worth or value of a bond. I cant but recall a lovely sweet poem.

Love is forgiving
Even though it is hard to forget
Holding hands and never wanting to let go
Hoping that tomorrow will be as wonderful as today
Sharing secrets in a star- spangled night
And most importantly love is knowing
That you will never be lonely again